FAQ’s for Farmer

Ans : Any Farmer or Exporter who got already registered with MPEDA can register in eSanta.
registration flow
Ans : User needs to first register under MPEDA to register in eSanta website. Contact https://nacsampeda.org.in/ on How to register in MPEDA.
Ans : Sorry currently this platform is for Indian market only, please leave a request in contact us page so that we will inform you when we open up global registrations.
Ans : The platform runs completely on a electronic mode and all the payments will be routed to Farmers bank accounts through administrator.
Ans : eSanta is flexible to Farmers, you can list your crop with estimated quantities and on the harvest date exact quantity will be updated and payments will be adjusted accordingly.
Ans : When a Buyer confirms the order they will pay 15% as advance and after the Harvest is completed i.e T+1 (Transaction Day + 1) rest of the payment will be released by the Buyer. NACSA will hold this fund in its escrow account and release the same post verification. Typically in 24hrs from the time it receives fund. Excluding Weekends, Government Holidays & Bank Holidays.