This Cancellation and Refund Policy (“Cancellation Policy”) applies to (“Website”), the [ ] (“App”) (collectively as “Platform”) and its related services (the “Services”) operated and rendered by National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (“NaCSA”). This Cancellation Policy explains NaCSA’s rights in case of cancellation of any purchase made on the Platform by you. Capitalized terms used hereunder but not defined in this document, shall have the same meaning as given to them in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy as the case may be.

As a general rule you shall not be entitled to cancel any purchase/order once placed on the Platform. In the event you choose to cancel your purchase/order, subject to your previous cancellation history, NaCSA reserves the right to collect a penalty of Rs.25, 000 per pond up to one hectare from the Advance Payment, for breach of contract terms and as a compensation for the damages suffered by the Seller. For the purpose of clarity, the aforementioned penalty is only per pond up to an area of one hectare. As the area of the pond increases by an additional hectare, the penalty shall also be suitably increased by an additional amount of Rs. 25,000.

NaCSA (as the escrow agent) shall refund to the Buyer, any such amounts received in excess from the Buyer, within seven (7) business days of receiving such excess amounts.

Any changes to this Cancellation Policy by NaCSA shall be posted on the Platform. You should periodically review the abovementioned page for the latest information on the Platform’s Cancellation Policy. Once posted, those changes are effective immediately. Continued access or use of the Platform constitutes your acceptance of the changes and the amended policy.