FAQ’s for Exporter

Ans : Exporter should have MPEDA Regstration to register in eSanta. If You don’t have MPEDA Registration please contact https://nacsampeda.org.in/ on How to register inMPEDA
registration flow
Ans : eSanta will give you a 360 degree view of the crop including the lab reports and certifications of the product which gives a assurance on the quality of the product.
Ans : eSantawont release the payments directly to farmers before Exporter takeover the produce. eSanta holds the advances and payments in aeScrow account till the transaction got settled and accepted by both the parties.
Ans : eSanta will do smart settlement of payments by adjusting the payments as per actual counts Vs Quantity post harvest. And any excess payments in this case will be refunded back to Exporters Designated Bank account.